Branch Diary 2014

All Executive Committee Meetings and Branch Members' meetings are held from 7.30pm at BBKA HQ

For details of Branch Teaching Apiary meetings please go to Apiary Meetings
For further information on any of the listed events please contact:
Tim Foden - Meadow View, 52 High St, Marton, Rugby CV23 9RR Tel: 01926632388 or Email

Date Day Event Organizer
12-15 June Thur-Sun Gardeners' World Live BBKA
14-15 June Sat-Sun Leamington Peace Festival Richard Carribine
18 June Wednesday Event at Finham Primary School Richard Carribine
21 June Saturday 2pm Honey Processing followed by 4pm cream tea Mike Townsend & Mary Pemberton
5 July Saturday Bee Safari 1 with Charles Millar Gill Grimshaw
5 July Saturday Branch Barbeque 5pm - Stoneleigh Mary Pemberton
16 July Wednesday County Exec  Meeting WBKA
26 July Saturday Bee Safari 2 with Keren Green Gill Grimshaw
28 July Monday Branch Exec (Optional) Tim Foden
2/3 August Sat/Sun Stand at Pet Show - Stoneleigh Clive Joyce
14 August Thursday Children's Event - Warwick Uni Bernard Brown
16 August Saturday Avon Dassett Show Tim Foden
17 August Sunday Hive of Activity - Jephson Gardens - Leamington Spa Bernard Brown
19 August Tuesday "Getting the Best from your Honey" Workshop David Blower
21 August Thursday Children's Event - Warwick Uni Bernard brown
1 Sept Monday Branch Exec Tim Foden
17 Sept Wednesday County Exec Meeting WBKA
18 Sept Thursday Branch Members' Meeting Gordon Robbins
27 Sept Saturday Skep making Val Dillon
27 Sept Saturday WBKA Honey Show WBKA
16 Oct Thursday Branch Honey Show Margery Blower & Stephen Bates
24 Oct Friday Branch Annual Dinner Mary Pemberton
27-31 Oct Mon-Fri School Holidays  
3 Nov Mon Branch Exec Meeting(planning for 2015) Tim Foden
8 Nov Saturday BBKA Module Exams  
17 Nov Monday Branch Exec Meeting Tim Foden
20 Nov Thursday Branch Members' Meeting Mary Pemberton/Gordon Robbins
23 Nov Sunday Winter Walk Mike Radburn
11 Dec Thursday Mead and mince Pies Mary Pemberton
12 Jan Monday Branch Exec Meeting Tim Foden
28 Jan Wednesday County Exec Meeting WBKA
15 Jan Thursday Branch Members' Meeting DB?
12 Feb Thursday Branch AGM & Talk Mike Townsend
16-20 Feb   School holidays  
2 March Monday Branch Exec Meeting TRF
19 March Thursday Branch Members' Meeting Stephen Bates
25 March Wednesday County AGM  
30-31 Mar   Bank Holiday  
1-3 Apr   Bank Holiday  
8 April Wednesday County Exec  
6-10 Apr   School holidays  
1 July Wednesday County Exec  
23 Sept Wednesday County Exec  

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